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Welcome to the Cincinnati-West 9/12 Project!
 We are an educational organization.

 Well here we are again, another presidential election.
Check out our  Candidate Search Tab for our pick and why.

Have you ever watched the news and wanted to throw something at the TV?  We have, so we started investigating what is really going on.  Why isn't  America following the constitution and why won't our elected officials listen to us?  Do you identify yourself with a political party?  Are they doing a good job in fixing our economy?  Our societal problems?  The war on drugs or terrorism?   Why hasn't either party fixed any of these problems?  Maybe the politicains  are just keeping us busy fighting with each other, while they do what they please, following their own best interest. 
Click on:  "What's really going on" tab to find out:
*Who runs the  Federal Reserve and  who controls our money, you may be very surprised. 
*Compare how our government was set up to how it's being run. 
*See how the family has been desimated in our media and marriage has been turned up-side down. 
*Look into capitalism which has raised countless millions out of poverty, but our government and the media claims it is unfair.  "The free market was thrown out in 2008 to save the free market,"  George W. Bush. Now our government picks the winners.  True capitalism lets the market (us) decided who's the winners and who goes out of business, that's true capitalism. 
*Do you know what you are eating?  Have you heard about GMO's, they have been banned in Europe but in America and Canada we are eating them and the food distributors don't even have to tell us.  Even China and Russia has banned them, seems they have more respect for their citizens health than our government has for us!
*Did you know vaccination manufacturers are under governmental protection?  Do you know what these vaccinations contain?   Is there a link between vaccinations - autism and childhood cancers? 
*Do you know what SSRI's are  and are you taking them?
Next click on:  UN Agenda 21  tab. 
Do you know what UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is?
You should know all the things on this website  but most of us don't.  Why? Well while we were busy working, paying our taxes and raising our children our government has been very busy, changing our country and our way of life. 
Be informed, inform others and let's take our country back!!!!
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